Plateforme open source d'authentification biométrique / Open Source platform for biometrics authentification
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This is the new ALIZE website: this site is a collaborative website, so we are waiting for comments (bugs or improvments).
old ALIZE website: not available all information should be there
old Mistral website: not available all information should be there

ALIZE is an open-source plateform (distributed under LGPL licence) for biometric authentication. The ALIZE goal is to allow the development, by everybody, of niometric applications by providing a set of high-level and low-level tools. To allow everybody to use ALIZE according to his needs, ALIZE is composed of several sets:

  • a low-level library (ALIZE): this library is composte of all needed functions to the use of Gaussian mixtures.
  • an high-level toolkit (LIA_RAL): the toolkit is it-self sub-divided in several parts:
    • LIA_SpkTools : high-level library
    • LIA_Utils : tools needed to the manipulation of all formats used in ALIZE: GMM models, parameters, etc.
    • LIA_SpkDet : a set of tools to do all tasks recquired by a biometric authentication system: models (speaker/world) training, parameters normalisation, score normalisation, etc.
    • and soon LIA_SpkSeg : a new tool (soon avalaible) to speaker diarization.

This software was developed with the aim to be multi-plateform, all main OS are supported:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOSX